Gameplay Edit

Normals Edit

  • Shine Strike: Dash forward and slice the opponent across the chest.
  • Dash Strike: Dash at the opponent, uppercut the opponent.
  • Cleave: Jump forward and slice downward on the opponent.
  • Highwind: Dash forward and stab the opponent with your spear.
  • Saiyan Kick: Dash forward and kick the opponent hard in th chest.
  • Saiyan Strike: Rush forward and slice upward with your sword.
  • Blutz Striker: Spin around quickly and dash forward, slicing downward.
  • Saiyan Cut: Rush through an enemy and stab them in the back.
  • Meteor Strike: Dash upward and kick the opponent's head.

Auto Combos Edit

  • Light Auto Combo: Shine Strike ---> Cleave ---> Dash Strike ---> Super Dash
  • Medium Auto Combo: Highwind ---> Saiyan Strike ---> Blutz Striker ---> Hyper Star Cutter
  • Heavy Auto Combo: Meteor Strike ---> Saiyan Cut ---> Saiyan Kick

Specials Edit

  • Star Cutter: Dash forward and slice the air, cutting enemies from a distance.
  • Blutz Cannon: Jump backward and fire a beam of white energy across the screen.
  • Blutz Grenade: Throw out a small ball of blutz energy that explodes after a short amount of time.
  • Blutz Rifle: Point your index finger forward and shoot a powerful beam of energy at the opponent.
  • Blutz Revolver: Put your hand on the oponnent's chest and fire a powerful blast into them.
  • Blutz Bullpup: Jump backward while throwing out multiple energy blasts.
  • Blutz Slamfire: Jump forward and throw a powerful slicing disk at the opponent.
  • Blutz Rocket: Summon up your energy and fire a powerful shot of energy at the enemy.

Hypers Edit

  • Hyper Star Cutter: Dash forward, turning Super Saiyan and slice through the air, slicing the opponent multiple times before sheathing your blade. (Lvl.1)(10 Hits)
  • Earth-Destroying Blutz Cannon: Summon up all of your energy, turning Super Saiyan 3 and jumping backward, pulling your arm backward and then throwing it forward, sending a giant wave of powerful blutz energy toward the opponent's location. (Lvl.1)(32 Hits)
  • Blutz Cannon Combo: Dash forward and punch the opponent hard across the cheek, quickly punching them hard in the stomach, causing them to keel over, kick them into the air and dash upward, punching the opponent across the face and dropping to the ground, summoning energy and shooting a powerful energy wave through the opponent, impaling through them and exploding. (Lvl.3)(21 Hits)
  • Perfect Super Saiyan: Transform into Perfect Super Saiyan, increasing your speed and strength especially of your special moves for a short amount of time. (Lvl.5)(Install Super)
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