Nova's Mortal Kombat Wiki



  • Diamond's Slash: Rush forward and slice through an opponent while running past them. - Hits Mid
  • Black Slicer: Stab your scythe into their chest and slice upward, spinning them into the air - Hits Mid
  • Diamond Strike: Punch your opponent in the stomach, spin around and slam your fist into their face - Hits High
  • Black Slam: Jump Backward before flipping forward and slam both hands into their head. - Hits Overhead
  • Jackpot: Slice upward before quickly slicing downward as well. - Hits High
  • Karma: Spin the scythe around yourself and hit enemies around you. - Hits Mid
  • Streak: Jump forward and slice around yourself. - Hits Mid
  • Double Up: Spin the blade around your head quickly. - Hits High
  • Rake: Pull a grounded enemy into the air with you. - Hits Overhead

Auto Combos[]

  • Light Auto Combo: Jackpot ---> Karma ---> Black Slicer ---> Super Dash
  • Medium Auto Combo: Diamond's Slash ---> Black Slam ---> Streak ---> Hyper Prop Shredder
  • Heavy Auto Combo: Double Up ---> Rake ---> Diamond Strike


  • Prop Shredder: Spin the scythe in your hand, hitting enemies multiple times. - Hits Mid
  • Diamonds: Imbue the scythe with ice and slam it into the ground, hitting the enemy with multiple ice crystals - Hits Low
  • Inferno: Imbue the scythe with fire and slice the opponent multiple times with the flaming scythe - Hits High
  • Teleport: Slice the air in front of you, step through and appear behind the opponent.
  • MultiStrike: Stab the opponent and quickly punch the opponent repeatedly, knocking them away. - Hits High
  • Finish Buster: Jump backward and throw your scythe forward, slicing the opponent repeatedly.
    • Light: Short Distance, Light Damage - Hits Mid
    • Medium: Medium Distance, Medium Damage, Hard Knockdown - Hits Mid
    • Heavy: Farthest Distance, Most Damage, Auto-Super Dash - Hits High


  • Hyper Prop Shredder: Charge up your scythe before spinning it quickly, hitting the opponent multiple times before sheathing it as they drop to the ground. (Lvl.1)(25 Hits) - Hits Mid (Can be done in Midair)
  • Portal Trick: Slice open a portal and dash through it, slamming into the opponent and slicing upward quickly, knockiing an enemy into the air and then slamming them downward. (Lvl.1)(3 Hits) - Hits High
  • Black Diamond: Grow in Size and power, but this makes you slower, though it adds a few new moves to your arsenal. (Lvl.3)
    • Diamond Crush: Slam your hand down onto the opponent. - Hits Overhead
    • Diamond Smash: Stomp your foot forward and crush your opponent. - Hits Overhead
    • Diamond Spin: Spin around quickly and slam both hands downward. - Hits Overhead
  • Split: Onyx splits in half and both Apache and Crystal go after the opponent, attacking them repeatedly together, before slamming them away and fusing back together. (Lvl.3)(30 Hits) - Hits Mid