Nova Cards is an action card based game based around multiple games owned by BudderAsassin & Friends

Factions Edit

  • V for Ventura
  • J-Man
  • Bi-Simon
  • Steven Universe Fanon
  • Last Z
  • Devil Jumper
  • Strange Fantasy

Classes Edit

  • Assassin: Known for having high amounts of speed, but not a lot of health
  • Freelancer: The class for the Jack of all trades
  • Mage: Known for using powerful magic
  • Support: Known for having a variety of uses
  • Tank: Known for having high health and defense, but not a ton of speed
  • Warrior: Known for having high attack, and decent in all other aspects

Rarity Edit

  • Common
    • Max stats of 100
    • Max HP of 500
  • Rare
    • Max stats of 200
    • Max HP of 1000
  • Epic
    • Max stats of 300
    • Max HP of 1500
  • Legendary
    • Max stats of 400
    • Max HP of 2000
  • Godlike
    • Max stats of 500
    • Max HP of 2500

Characters Edit

.This is a list of characters who have playable cards in the game.

Character/Card Description Universe Rarity Class Stats Ability
Ace Ace Ares Ventura is the eldest child of the Venturas and the twin brother of Georgia. He is a great mechanic, scientist and drag racer. Ace can utilize a multitude of mechanical tools to his advantage in battle. V for Ventura Common Support ATK: 60

DEF: 45

SPD: 95

HP: 450

Ace/Ace McGinnis Ace Terry McGinnis was once a bad kid as part of a street gang. One day he found the batcave and after some convinicing to Jack Wayne he became the new Batman V for Ventura Godlike Freelancer ATK: 450

DEF: 445

SPD: 455

HP: 2,450

McGinnis will ride his bike into an enemy, dealing extra damage
Ace/Ace Pines Mason "Ace" Pines is the twin brother of Georgia and the great grand nephew of Jack and Skull. He was the one who found one of Skull's journals and one of the main characters of Universe CO-02 V for Ventura Godlike Support ATK: 350

DEF: 335

SPD: 300

HP: 2,500

Ace will open the journal and summon a monster to fight alongside them
Ace/Ace Tennyson Ace Ares Tennyson is a young man who on a camping trip with his grandfather and cousin he finds the Omnitrix which allows him to turn into a variety of aliens. V for Ventura Godlike Freelancer ATK: 250

DEF: 250

SPD: 250

HP: 2,000

Ace Tennyson will use the omnitrix to turn into a random alien for the fight.
Ace/Adult Ace Ares Ventura as an adult where he graduated from college and started his work at DedSec and drag racing but prior to becoming a member of the military. V for Ventura Rare Suport ATK: 100

DEF: 125

SPD: 145

HP: 1,000

Ace/Alicia Alicia Aphrodite Ventura is the genderbent version of Ace from Universe 28, and lived her life in a very similar way to Universe 1 Ace V for Ventura Rare Support ATK: 100 DEF: 150 SPD: 200

HP: 1,000

Ace/Andy Andy Eckhart Bertonalli is an Italian actor best known for playing Ace Ares Ventura on V for Ventura in Universe 23. V for Ventura Rare Support ATK: 95 DEF: 100 SPD: 125 HP: 950 N/A
Ace/Batman Beyond Ace Terry McGinnis when wearing the Batman Beyond suit created by Bruce Wayne, designed to take on extreme temperatures and multiple wounds from all sides. V for Ventura Godlike Assassin ATK: 400

DEF: 450

SPD: 500

HP: 2,300

Passive: Ace/Batman Beyond is immune to all status effects


Ability: Ace/Batman Beyond throws out three batarangs in an arc forward

Ace/Braixen Braixen is a fire pokemon that is the CO-17 version of Ace and is known for his unique moveset of Blast Burn, Magic Room, Flamethrower and Will O' Wisp. V for Ventura Godlike Mage ATK: 200

DEF: 190

SPD: 335

HP: 2,000

Passive: When Ace/Braixen is at critical health, all magic moves are powered up


Passive 2: When Ace/Braixen starts a battle he can take the item that the enemy is holding


Ability: Ace/Braixen can use multiple fire based techniques on his enemies in battle, ranging from a small wisp, to a blast to a large pillar of flame

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