Nova's Mortal Kombat Wiki



  • Sand Striker: Dash Forward and do a quick upward strike with your claws. - Hits High
  • Rodent: Jump into the air and do a kick to their jaw. - Hits High
  • Spin: Spin forward with claws extended. - Hits Mid
  • Bleed: A quick throat strike with your claws. - Hits High
  • Rat Uppercut: Dash forward and do a spinning uppercut. - Hits High
  • Lunge: Jump forward and send both hands down on their head. - Hits Overhead
  • Strike: Step forward and kick the opponent hard in the chest. - Hits Mid
  • Barrage: Dash forward and stab their gut. - Hits Mid
  • Head: Headbutt your opponent. - Hits High

Auto Combos[]

  • Light Auto-Combo: Lunge ---> Spin ---> Rat Uppercut ---> Super Dash
  • Medium Auto-Combo: Head ---> Barrage ---> Bleed ---> Hyper Digger
  • Heavy Auto-Combo: Sand Strike ---> Rodent ---> Strike


  • Digger: Dash forward and slash at the opponent multiple times. - Hits Mid
  • Molehill: Stab the ground and send a bunch of rocks on top of the opponent. - Hits Overhead
  • Rodentia: Dash across the ground and do a massive spinning uppercut.
    • Light: Short distance, Has a short float. - Hits High
    • Medium: Medium Distance, Has a short float - Hits High
    • Heavy: Farthest Distance, Allows for a Super Dash - Hits High
  • Glaber: Do a spinning attack before slicing right through them. - Hits High
  • Sand Puppy: Grab the opponent and stab the opponent multiple times. - Hits Mid
  • Burrow: Burrow underground and uppercut the opponent from below. - Hits Low


  • Hyper Digger: Surround yourself in an aura before dashing forward quickly, slashing at the opponent multiple times before finishing it with a roundhouse kick. (Lvl.1)(7 Hits) - Hits Mid
  • Underground Strike: Dash underground and reappear underneath the opponent, doing a powerful strike from under the opponent. (Lvl.1)(1 Hit) - Hits Low
  • Power of Mole Rat: Dash underground and reappear behind the opponent grab them and impale them multiple times before spinning the blades around and then doing a whirlwind technique and slamming them into the ground. (Lvl.3)(11 Hits) - Hits Mid