Gameplay Edit

Normals Edit

  • Vigilant Strike: Dash forward and stab the enemy in the gut with your blades. - Hits Mid
  • Rising Uppercut: Roll forward and do a spinning uppercut that knocks them off their feet. - Hits High
  • Tremor: Dash forward and slam your Fire Axe downward on the opponent - Hits Overhead
  • Predator: Jump backward and then off the wall, slamming your foot into the opponent's face. - Hits High
  • Spin Cycle: Dash forward and stab your circular saw into their chest and rip upward. - Hits Mid
  • Rake: While in the air, grab the opponent with your scythe and pull them upward. - Hits High
  • Vigilante Slice: Dash forward and slice through the opponent with your katana. - Hits Mid
  • Syringe: Step forward and stab your syringed glove into their neck. - Hits High
  • Spear: Dash forward and stab your opponent in the chest with your spear before throwing them into the air. - Hits High

Auto Combos Edit

  • Light Auto Combo: Spin Cycle ---> Tremor ---> Rising Uppercut ---> Super Dash
  • Medium Auto Combo: Predator ---> Rake ---> Spear ---> Hyper Vigilante Strike
  • Heavy Auto Combo: Syringe ---> Vigilante Slice ---> Vigilant Strike

Specials Edit

  • Vigilante Strike: Rush at an opponent and disappear behind your opponent, punching them hard in the spine. - Hits Mid
  • Grapple: Pull out your grappling hook and point it at the opponent, zipping over to them and kicking them away. - Hits Mid
  • Raze: Jump into the air and spin around quickly, making an airborne tornado that hits the opponent multiple times.
    • Light: Short Distance, Light Damage, Soft Knockdown - Hits High
    • Medium: Medium Distance, Medium Damage, Hard Knockdown - Hits High
    • Heavy: Farthest Distance, Most Damage, Causes Ground Bounce and Slight Float - Hits High
  • Flamethrower: Pull out your flamethrower and spray them with your flamethrower if they're in front of you. - Hits Mid
  • Stun Gun: Pull out your Stun Gun and shoot them in the chest, stunning them for a few seconds. - Hits Mid
  • Smoke Counter: Throw out a smoke grenade at your feet, if an enemy tries to hit you, appear above them and stomp on the opponent. - Hits Mid
  • Frost Grenade: Throw out a Frost Grenade at your opponent, it will explode and freeze the opponent for a few seconds. - Hits Low

Hypers Edit

  • Hyper Vigilante Strike: An aura surrounds you and you dash at the opponent, appearing behind the opponent and punching them in the spine so hard they go flying. (Lvl.1)(1 Hit) - Hits Mid
  • Gun Show: Punch the opponent in the stomach and then kick them into the air, shoot the opponent with your wrist guns, finishing off the opponent with a shotgun blast. (Lvl.1)(9 Hits) - Hits Mid
  • Invisibility Cloak: Throw on your invisibility cloak, allowing you to run around quickly for a short while.
    • Predator Finish: Finish off your opponent with a stealth attack, grab them and stab them in the chest repeatedly before throwing them down and turning visible. (Lvl.3)(8 Hits) - Hits Mid
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