Combat Edit

J-Man's Combat prowess comes in many forms, from basic martial arts technqiues to more advanced movements.

Basic Strikes can be strung together to form combos and counters can be used to keep your combo streak from disappearing. Using the stun ability allows for a beatdown for use against enemies, this is a powerful move but takes time to fully work.

J-Man is able to use all three of his weapon types during combat, able to use melee weapons for his basic strings, using ranged weapons when distance and damage is needed and able to quickfire his tools for seperate use.

Predator Edit

Predator mode is used to take out thugs who are using firearms, he can use all of his ranged weapons and tools for multiple different uses.

J-Man has multiple kinds of takedowns that he can use during Predator Mode

  • Silent Takedown:
    • Lethal Silent Takedown:
  • Double Takedown
    • Lethal Double Takedown
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