Dragon Ball Last Z is a fan based Dragon Ball series created by James Centers, Nathaniel Centers, and Aaliyah Centers. It features characters and voices by the same people, holding a new story along with new villians, movies and techniques.

Sagas Edit

  1. Peaceful World Saga
  2. Saiyan Warriors Saga
  3. Frostbite Takeover Saga
  4. Captain Freezie Saga
  5. Frostbite Saga
  6. Orion Saga
  7. Android 23 Saga
  8. Mitosis Saga
  9. Complete Mitosis Saga
  10. Tournament of Power Saga
  11. Evil Bubblegum Saga
  12. Rexx Saga
  13. Rexas Saga
  14. Tournament of Strength Saga
  15. Ken Black Saga
  16. Super Saga

Seasons Edit

  1. Season 1: Saiyan Warriors (Peaceful World/Saiyan Warriors Sagas)
  2. Season 2: Unknown Planet (Frostbite Takeover/Captain Freezie/Frostbite Sagas)
  3. Season 3: Completion (Orion/Android 23/Mitosis/Complete Mitosis Sagas)
  4. Season 4: Clash of Power (Tournament of Power Saga)
  5. Season 5: Damage Dealt (Evil Bubblegum/Rexx/Rexas Sagas)
  6. Season 6: Universe Clashing (Tournament of Strength/Ken Black/Super Sagas)

Movies Edit

  1. Hypothermia Movie
  2. Falchion Movie
  3. Blutz Warrior Movie
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