Darkstalkers is a 2018 Fighting game based on the Darkstalkers video game Franchise from Capcom.The Game brings back many of the most well known features from the Darkstalkers franchise as well as adding new ones. Each character has three different Dark Forces to choose from, each one absorbing a bar of super to enhance their battle. Three different Supers that can cause massive damage during battle, and the ability to enhance every single special move for one bar of Super. There is both an arcade and a story mode, each being cinematic based. There is a multitude of multiplayer modes featuring both 1 on 1 and team based battles.

Characters Edit

Returning Edit

  1. Anarkis The Mummy
  2. Baby Bonnie Hood The Darkhunter
  3. Bishamon The Cursed Samurai
  4. Demitri Maximoff The Vampire
  5. Donovan Baine The Dhampir
  6. Felicia The Catgirl
  7. Hsien-Ko the Jiang-Shi
  8. Huitzil The Robot
  9. Jedah Dohma The Demon
  10. Jon Talbain The Werewolf
  11. Lilith The Succubus
  12. Lord Raptor the Zombie
  13. Majorette The Witch
  14. The Marionette
  15. Morrigan Aensland The Seductress
  16. Pyron The Alien
  17. Q-Bee The Soul Bee
  18. Rikou The Merman
  19. The Sasquatch
  20. The Shadow
  21. Victor The Monster

New Characters Edit

  1. Abraham Helsing The Destined
  2. Aerix The Incubus
  3. Ayala The Deer Woman
  4. Aydann The Genie
  5. Bagines The Draugr
  6. Casey Moore The Hunter
  7. Cassiel The Angel
  8. Chrula The Gorgon
  9. The Chupacabra
  10. Cleo The Pharoh
  11. Doerag The Oni
  12. Grim The Reaper
  13. Gunban The Minotaur
  14. Haliki The Leprechaun
  15. Jin The Moon Rabbit
  16. Nightpelt The Bear
  17. Nile, Son of Anubis
  18. Ozguran The Demon
  19. Rolvu The Golem
  20. Skylar Fisher The Demon Slayer
  21. Willow The Treant

Guest Characters Edit

  1. Dante, The Son of Sparda
  2. Freddy Kreuger, The Dream Demon
  3. Jason Voorhees, The Drowned Boy
  4. Kratos, The God of War
  5. Megaman, The Robot Master
  6. Michael Myers, The Shape
  7. Ryu, The World Warrior
  8. Strider Hiryu, The Ninja

Dark Force Edit

The Dark Force is an ability every Dark Stalker can tap into, giving them all varying degrees of new power during battle. Each Dark Stalker has access to three different Dark Force abilities that are selected before battle. The Dark Force can be tapped into as many times as one wants during battle though each use costs one bar of the Super Meter.

Abraham Helsing Edit

  • Dark Force I (Hellslung Arrow): Abraham points his crossbow at his opponent and by using an entire Dark Force use fires a magic arrow that explodes in magic, causing great damage and knockback
  • Dark Force II (Powerful Lineage): Abraham flips his knife into the air and stabs it into the ground, sending a shockwave of magic across the ground that once it hits an opponent summons the ghost of the Great Van Helsing to hold the opponent in place for a short amount of time.
  • Dark Force III (Blackened Heart): Abraham fires an arrow into the air that explodes in darkness, shrouding Abraham in Darkness and turning him into a demonic form for a short amount of time.

Aerix Edit

Anarkis Edit

  • Dark Force III (Pharaoh Split)

Ayala Edit

Aydann Edit

Bagines Edit

B.B Hood Edit

  • Dark Force III (The Killing Time)

Bishamon Edit

  • Dark Force III (Kogane Katabira)

Casey Moore Edit

Cassiel Edit

Chrula Edit

Chupacabra Edit

Cleo Edit

Dante Edit

  • Dark Force I (Quicksilver)
  • Dark Force II (Swordmaster)
  • Dark Force III (Gunslinger)

Demitri Maximoff Edit

  • Dark Force III (Bat Summoning)

Doerag Edit

Donovan Baine Edit

  • Dark Force III (Slay Shred)

Felecia Edit

  • Dark Force III (Cat Helper)

Freddy Kreuger Edit

Grim Edit

Gunban Edit

Haliki Edit

Hsien-Ko Edit

  • Dark Force III (Diabousu)

Huitzil Edit

  • Dark Force III (Ray of Doom)

Jason Voorhees Edit

Jedah Dohma Edit

  • Dark Force III (Santo Ario)

Jon Talbain Edit

  • Dark Force III (Mirage Body)

Kratos Edit

  • Dark Force I (Atreus Enhancement)
  • Dark Force II (Glavie Storm)
  • Dark Froce III (Cyclone of Chaos)

Lilith Edit

  • Dark Force III (Illusion Attack)

Lord Raptor Edit

  • Dark Force III (Ultimate Undead)

Majorette Edit

Marionette Edit

Megaman Edit

Michael Myers Edit

Morrigan Aensland Edit

  • Dark Force III (Astral Vision)

Nightpelt Edit

Nile Edit

Ozguran Edit

Pyron Edit

  • Dark Force III (Shining Gemini)

Q-Bee Edit

  • Dark Force III (Flight I^2)

Rikou Edit

  • Dark Force III (Wave Surfing)

Rolvu Edit

Ryu Edit

Sasquatch Edit

  • Dark Force III (Magical Avalanche Penguin Super-Units)

Shadow Edit

Skylar Fisher Edit

Strider Hiryu Edit

Willow Edit

Victor Edit

  • Dark Force III (Great Gerdenhiem)
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