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"Fighting me is really a goddamned gamble."

------ Blackjack's Victory Quote

Blackjack Edward Alphonse Sigma Sanchez Ventura is a playable V for Ventura character in Nova Battle and represents Zakaria in the game. He is the husband of TinySatan, son of Sigma and Yananeska, Adopted Son of Esteban, Adopted Sibling of Ella and Skull, Father of Ace, Georgia, Grace, Jay and Iona, The Alternate Universe version of Merc, Fell!Jack, Horror!Jack, Lucid, Murder and Error!Blackjack, he's related to Edward, Terminator!Jay and Gina through alternate universes.

Blackjack is a playable character in Nova Battle and is accessible since the beginning of the game.


Blackjack Ventura was born in the magic world to John Henry Sigma and Jade "Yananeska" Ventura. When John disappeared on a hunting trip and Jade went into witness protection due to mafia intrusion, Jack was given to Esteban, a senior inventor in John's company.

Blackjack grew up under Esteban's care, he was trained in the uses of many magical traits. Eventually he would become the king of Zakaria and would go through multiple powerful enemies in his lifetime.


Blackjack has very many useful abilities in battle, able to manipulate his magic potential in battle to use multiple magic spells and abilities to bring pain to his opponents.

He is extremely fast, able to dodge attacks at high speeds and able to dodge bullets, He is inhumanly strong, able to lift buildings and punch full grown men through walls. He is also durable, able to endure multiple attacks that would kill most humans.

In his family runs a gene called the Zenkai gene that when said user of the gene gets hurt, they get stronger as they heal up afterward, this boost allows him to get stronger after every battle he is in. He's a hand to hand combat master, having studied Judo, Krav Maga, Karate and Kickboxing, employing them together in his "Street Fighting Style."

He is also proficent with the blade, weilding the holy sword, Zachariah, which is imbued with special magic energy used to harm all enemies of Zakaria. He is also a magic user, he weilds a deck of 50 magic cards that can be used for most if not all situations. He is also able to control magic energy and form the Howitzer a large decaying animal head able to shoot beams of energy.


"You're in for a Gamble."

- Blackjack's Intro Quote

Basic Attacks[]

Light Ultimate Knuckle
A two hit punch, punch the opponent with the back of your knuckle followed by a kick to the ground.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits High, Hits Mid
Light (In Air) King's Strike
A forward punch that if it hits the opponent follows up with a sharp kick to the ground.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits High
Forward + Light Kingly Plight
Elbow your opponent in the stomach followed by a sharp uppercut to their jaw.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits Mid, Hits High
Backward + Light Spirit Explosion
Extend both your hands outward and send kinetic energy through the air, shooting enemies away from you.
  • One Hit
  • Hits Mid
Up + Light King's Flash
Rush forward quickly and do a backflip, kicking the opponent in the jaw.
  • One Hit
  • Hits High
Down + Light King's Nova
A sucker punch to the ground, followed by stomping on the opponent's back.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits Overhead
Medium Spread of Cards
Step forward and throw cards out in a short arc in front of you.
  • Maximum Three Hits
  • Hits Low, Hits Mid, Hits High
Medium (In Air) Spread of Cards
Throw your cards out in a short arc in front of you
  • Maximum Three Hits
  • Hits Mid
Forward + Medium Vision Smash
A sharp punch to the face followed by sliding in between the opponent's legs and kicking them in the back.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits High, Hits Mid
Backward + Medium Zacharian Stab
Pull out the holy sword Zachariah and impale enemies that are standing behind you.
  • One Hit
  • Hits Mid
Up + Medium Holy Flight
Jump backward followed by do an upward diagonal spinning attack.
  • Maximum Twelve Hits
  • Hits Mid
Down + Medium Holy Strike
Summon Howitzer energy around your fist and slam your hand downward into the opponent's skull.
  • One Hit
  • Hits Overhead
Heavy Victory Rush
Punch the opponent multiple times followed by three kicks and then a downward axe kick into the ground.

  • Nine Hits
  • Hits Mid (Eight Times), Hits Overhead
Heavy (In Air) Shockwave Kick
Do a downward diagonal kick and follow it up by kicking off the opponent.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits Overhead
Forward + Heavy Crossing Combination
Slide forward and punch the opponent in the chest, followed by a kick to the side and then a knee to the stomach.
  • Three Hits
  • Hits Mid
Backward + Heavy Power of Zachariah
Pull out your holy blade and slam it down backward with a heavy amount of force
  • One Hit
  • Hits Overhead
Up + Heavy Howitzer Uppercut
Summon Howitzer energy around your fist and do a powerful uppercut
  • One Hit
  • Hits High
Down + Heavy Drawn & Quartered
Summon all of your energy into the blade of Zachariah, making it a large blade before slashing the air in front of you before slamming it downward.
  • Two Hits
  • Hits Mid, Hits Overhead


Special Attacks[]

Special Howitzer
Point your hand forward and summon a decaying snake head that fires a powerful energy beam from it's mouth at the opponent.
  • 5 Hits
  • Mid (5)
Special (Air) Nail Gun
Point your index finger forward and summon magic energy around your finger, firing a condensed beam of magic energy at the opponent.
  • 1 Hit
  • Mid
Forward + Special God's Hand
Dash forward and grab the opponent's shirt, knee them in the stomach three times before slamming them into the ground, has slight armor.
  • 4 Hits
  • Mid (3), Low
Backward + Special Deflect
A Universal special, use this to deflect projectiles from hitting you.
Up + Special Magic Grenade
Summon condensed magic energy in your hands and throw it at the opponent, it will bounce forward and explode after a few seconds, although it will explode if it hits the opponent.
  • 2 Hits
  • Low (on Ground), Mid (On Hit)
Down + Special God Shock Flash
Counter an attack and disappear behind the opponent and slam your knee into the spine before tossing them away.
  • 1 Hit
  • Mid
Down + Forward + Special Zion Cutter
Slice the air in front of you eight times and follow it up with a sliding strike that slices through opponents that then explode into the air.
  • 9 Hits
  • Mid (9)
Down + Backward + Special Ultimate Desecration
Throw a card into the air that splits into many small razor sharp cards that slice through opponents multiple times, causing them to fall to the ground, allowing to start up combos.
  • 7 Hits
  • Mid (7)

Hyper Combos[]

Down + Forward + Hyper 1 Hyper Hearts
Grab a card and expand it to a large size before slamming it downward, as it hits the floor, a giant red beam explodes into the sky.
  • 9 Hits
  • Overhead, Low (8)
  • One Bar Cost
  • Can Be Done in Midair
Down + Back + Hyper 1 Full House
Grab three cards and expand them to a large size before throwing all three of them forward, sending three large cards across the screen.
  • Maximum Three Hits
  • Low, Mid, High
  • One Bar Cost
  • Can be done in Midair
Down + Back + Hyper 2 Pure Anger/Angered Strike/Angered Finisher
Pure Anger: Surround yourself in a flaming red aura and dash forward, punching the opponent in the ribs before throwing them into the air, dashing upward and kneeing them in the stomach.
  • 3 Hits
  • Low, Mid, Mid
  • One Bar Cost

Angered Strike: Throw the opponent to the ground and dash downward slamming both knees into their spine.

  • 2 Hits (5 in Total)
  • Low, Overhead
  • One Bar Cost (Two In Total)

Angered Finisher: Throw the opponent up before slamming them down onto your knee and throwing them across the room and firing a large red Howitzer Cannon at the opponent.

  • 4 Hits (9 in Total)
  • High, Low, Mid, Mid
  • One Bar Cost (Three in Total)
Down + Forward + Hyper 2 Blue Howitzer Cannon/TIME TO FINISH THIS!!!
Blue Howitzer Cannon: Blackjack summons up blue energy in one of his hands and brings it forward before shooting a large blue energy wave at enemies.
  • 12 Hits
  • Mid
  • Three Bar Cost

TIME TO FINISH THIS!!!: Blackjack shoots more energy into the beam before bringing his other hand forward and punching the beam, shooting an even more powerful beam.

  • 20 Hits (22 in Total)
  • Mid
  • Two Bar Cost (Five in Total)


Costume 1: Blackjack[]

  • Color 1: White Jacket/White Collar/White Shirt/Gold Stripe/Blonde Hair/Black Gloves/Blue Jeans/Gray Shoes/Gray Eyes - Basic Colors
  • Color 2: Blue Jacket/Gray Collar/White Shirt/Black Stripe/Blonde Hair/White Gloves/Black and White Jeans/Gray Shoes/Gray Eyes - Based on Sans/Canontale!Jack
  • Color 3: Red Jacket/Red Collar/Lacks Shirt/Brown Stripe/Gray Hair/Brown Gloves/Brown Jeans/Black Shoes/Gray Eyes - Based on Dante from Devil May Cry
  • Color 4: Orange Jacket/White Collar/White Shirt/Orange Stripe/Orange Hair/White Gloves/Blue Jeans/Red Eyes - Based on Carnelian from Ella Universe AU
  • Color 5: Dark Gray Jacket/Dark Gray Collar/White Shirt/Burgundy Stripe/Gray Hair/No Gloves/Gray Jeans/Brown Shoes/Black Eyes - Based on Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls
  • Color 6: Gray Jacket/Dark Blue Collar/Dark Blue Shirt/Gold Stripe/Dark Gray Hair/Gray Gloves/Dark Gray and Dark Blue Jeans/Gray Shoes/Gray Eyes - Based on Hanzo from Overwatch

Costume 2: Universe 610[]

Costume 3: Kratos[]


  • Intro: The screen shows his cards fanned out before he collapses them back into a deck while talking, he'll then collect them in one hand and close his hands, showing that the cards have disappeared before getting into his battle stance.
  • Assist: Blackjack steps in and shoots his Howitzer at enemies near the player character.
  • Tag In: Blackjack appears behind the opponent and roundhouse kicks them.
  • Tag Out: Blackjack grabs a card and throws it to the ground, making him disappear.
  • Outro: Blackjack stabs Zachariah into the ground and places his hand above it before getting into a victory stance and saying something.


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